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July 24, 2007 TSC Ferrite Inter'l purchases the assets at auction of Mag Inc Div of Spang AK

TSC Ferrite International increases capacity and capabilities by purchasing assets at Auction of Magnetics Division of Spang & Company, Boonville Arkansas facility.

   The President, General Manager and Maintenance Manager of TSC Ferrite International attended the auction of Magnetics Division of Spang & Company, Boonville Arkansas facility, on June 26th, 2007 and purchased 4 batch kilns, one “new 2000 Bickley binder removal oven and a Linear Abrasives combination top and bottom continuous monorail belt grinder. These assets combined with our Wadsworth operation started green-field in 1986 and the assets acquired through the purchase of the AVX/Thompson ferrite plant in  Beaune France make TSC Ferrite the largest ferrite manufacturer in North America

2007-07-24 20:01:08 GMT
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